News — At The Edge — 3/23

The old joke is that we have met the enemy and he is us — U.S. blocks geoengineering and International criminal court — is increasing true.


U.S. Blocks U.N. Resolution on Geoengineering —

“[U.S.] joined Saudi Arabia [and]…Brazil in blocking the resolution at the U.N. Environment Assembly [UNEA]…to commission a report…related to carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation management…for guidance on possible future governance options and analysis of the implications of geoengineering…[so] UNEA becomes the institutional home for geoengineering within the U.N….

[U.S.] and Saudi Arabia angered parties at the U.N. climate talks…[blocking] last year’s landmark IPCC report that said the world must act aggressively to counteract climate change within 12 years….’Either climate change is the biggest problem we face or it’s not. And if it is, then it’s all hands on deck’….

Last year’s special report found that there are no possible pathways to maintain the threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming that don’t include large-scale carbon dioxide removal….

Questions of artificially altering the world’s climate are ‘much broader than just a climate discussion and involve impacts on the environment on ecosystems on human rights and democracy’….

[The] climate-vulnerable countries want broader oversight of geoengineering…[but] small governments lack the personnel to sift through numerous reports, and they stand to suffer if the practices result in unintended consequences….

’Even if you’re opposed to geoengineering, you need a governance mechanism to be able to enforce that.’”

U.S. to impose visa bans on International Criminal Court —

“[U.S.] will impose visa restrictions on people responsible for any International Criminal Court…[to prevent] pursuing the United States and its allies on Afghanistan…[and] sanctioning funds they have [here] and prosecuting them in U.S. courts….

’These visa restrictions may also be used to deter ICC efforts to pursue allied personnel, including Israelis, without allies’ consent…[and] to take additional steps, including economic sanctions, if the ICC does not change its course’….

Human Rights Watch…described the announcement as a ‘thuggish attempt to penalize investigators’ at the court…[and] ‘sends a clear message to torturers and murderers alike: Their crimes may continue unchecked’….

With 123 member…[including] European Union, the ICC is a court of last resort…to prosecute war crimes, genocide or crimes against humanity when a country is unable or unwilling to prosecute perpetrators itself…[but] United States, China and Russia, are not members.”

A Peek into the Future of Wearables —

“None of these new wearables is guaranteed to succeed…[but] has clearly evolved rapidly….

  • Mind-reading smart glasses…pick up signals from eye movement and from brain waves to know where you are looking and what you are thinking when you look there…[offering] possibilities of visual search, for example….
  • Sweat-sensing glasses…to monitor chemical changes in the body, not just activity levels and vital signs…[with] disposable nose-piece pads that collect and analyze sweat….
  • Goggles that modulate brain waves to eliminate chronic pain…on the market later this year…looks like an eyeshade…but] produces patterns of lights and sounds while monitoring brain waves…[as] a closed-loop biofeedback system…that, worn for 10 minutes a couple of times a day…trains the brain to reduce or eliminate the pain….
  • A gadget that lets you listen to your body — literally…[in] beta testing, involves an algorithm that translates someone’s heartbeat, as tracked by the user’s wearable of choice, into music…[so] each heartbeat triggers the choice of a note, while other algorithms choose the appropriate instruments…[to] guide meditation or pace running without..[need] to look at a screen….
  • [A] gadget that lets you listen with your body instead of just your ears…[translating] sound into patterns of vibration that can be felt instead of heard…[or] can also allow people to ‘listen’ to signals that have no sound, like changes in the stock market or trends in information flowing across the Internet….
  • Messages from your future self…uses information from wearables and other sources about how you are treating your body to age an image of your future self…to take better care of themselves in the present.”

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Doc Huston

Consultant & Speaker on future nexus of technology-economics-politics, PhD Nested System Evolution, MA Alternative Futures, Patent Holder —

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Doc Huston

Doc Huston

Consultant & Speaker on future nexus of technology-economics-politics, PhD Nested System Evolution, MA Alternative Futures, Patent Holder —

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