News — At The Edge — 2/1

Global warming and AI raise questions about how to manage innovation -

“[Economists] are now asking whether, when it comes to innovation, what sort is as relevant as how much.

  • [1980s] explained it as the consequence of investment in research and development, increases in the stock of human capital, or the (temporary) extra profits that can be reaped by firms with new technologies….
  • [1990s] some reckoned…technological change in the 20th century was ‘skill-biased’….
  • [2001] a model of ‘directed technical change’. Technological progress…is influenced by the relative scarcity of factors such as labor and capital; by how easily one factor can be substituted for another; and by the path of past innovation….

People can now be identified at a distance by their heartbeat —

“[A] new tool…dubbed Jetson, is able to measure, from up to 200 meters away, the minute vibrations induced in clothing by someone’s heartbeat.

Twitter demands AI company stops ‘collecting faces’ —

“Clearview has already amassed more than three billion photographs from sites including Facebook and Twitter…[and] used by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security and more than 600 other law-enforcement agencies around the world….

The marketplace of ideas is a weapons market now —

“’[We’re] ‘being slowly taken over by beef-only thinkers…as the global culture wars evolve into a stable, endemic, background societal condition of continuous conflict’…[but] this seething tire-fire conflict is part of something larger: the transition of the marketplace of ideas from a stock market into a weapons market….

Second-largest doctors group in US endorses Medicare for All, public option —

“American College of Physicians (ACP)…represents internal medicine doctors that often serve as a patient’s primary care physician [says]….

U.S. drinking water widely contaminated with ‘forever chemicals’: report —

“U.S. drinking water with man-made ‘forever chemicals’…known as perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS….[impacting] 110 million Americans…could be far too low.

Trump administration strips pollution safeguards from drinking water sources —

“[A] rollback of environmental protections for streams, wetland and other bodies of water…stripped pollution safeguards from drinking water sources used by around a third of all Americans…[claiming] rule impinged upon landowners’ rights…[yet] allowing pesticides and other pollutants to be dumped into them without penalty….

A ‘Green Swan’ is the next economic nightmare —

“Bank for International Settlements (BIS)…the central bank for central banks…[said] climate-related events could be the source of the next financial crisis.…

New research suggests that secular stagnation is centuries old —

“[With] interest rates near or below zero across much of the world, room for further cuts to combat the next downturn is limited….

UN Secretary-General: US-China Tech Divide Could Cause More Havoc Than the Cold War —

“[We’ve] three risks…geostrategic divide, a social divide, and a technological divide….

  1. [Geostrategically] Chinese economy and the American economy…with the trade and technology confrontation…[has] a risk of a decoupling in which…have its own market, its own currency, its own rules, its own internet, its own strategy in artificial intelligence…own military and geostrategic strategies…[so] risks of confrontation increase dramatically….
  2. [The] social divide …[shows] traditional forms of intergovernmental conventions to regulate sectors do not apply to the digital world…[since] things move so quickly….[Need] much more flexible mechanisms in which different stakeholders come together regularly, and…[adopt] protocols, codes of conduct, define some red lines, and…flexible mechanism of governance that allows the internet to become a force for good….
  3. [Technological] divide…between rich and poor.[Half] world is not linked to the internet….[So] we need to transform the digital technologies into an instrument to attenuate the inequalitynot only among countries but within each country….

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