News — At The Edge — 1/25

A global trust crisis

‘Flood the zone with shit’: How misinformation overwhelmed our democracy —

What do experts see as the biggest risk to the world in 2020? American politics —

Shrinking Influence of Central Banks Ends Decades of Business as Usual —

State of the World 2020: Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky —

  • Russia is anti-global but…only nation-state that has tamed their rich people, because their spies eat them….
  • India is doing its level best to become China… naming, numbering, surveilling and confining the Muslims in vast regions of imposed Internet darkness…[and] sending out fascist squadrons…to beat up college students….
  • South Africa is going sideways…and has no solutions to offer….
  • [Britain] has the high-grade fever version of the…low-grade global disease that everybody else [has]….
  • Estonia has caught the ethnonational disease…[and] whine about foreign immigrants….

Meet the xenobot: world’s first living, self-healing robots created from frog stem cells —

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Doc Huston

Doc Huston


Consultant & Speaker on future nexus of technology-economics-politics, PhD Nested System Evolution, MA Alternative Futures, Patent Holder —